Sunday, December 12, 2010

Number 5. One more party day.

The first blizzard of the season will not deter us from fun at the Fish Bowl. Who would want to miss that! We had plans for some birthday dining and bowling with LAD's friend Miranda and her family and we, luckily, were able to get to go.

Did you know Bass Pro Shop (the one in IA at least) has a bowling alley! and a Grill/Bar. The food was, surprisingly, good and the bowling was awesome, especially since I won. Not sure what that's really saying, when my score was 98. And there were 6 of us bowling.

But important things first.


We had an alligator regurgitator. Maybe it was a croc.

As with all things Bass Pro, the decor was amazing.

We also happened to be there when Santa was. I'm pretty sure he's an imposter. LAD said he wanted a jet pack (he's not wavered from this request) and Santa said he didn't think he would be able to deliver on that. I really wanted to slap the man. He needs to check with the BOSS, because, I'm pretty sure, the REAL DEAL would be able to pull thru on that. But, LAD shook it off, in about one second, and replied with a backup answer of a train.

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