Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Finally...Awake at 6:30, fidgeted for 20 more minutes before he could no longer resist going to see what Santa had brought. Sure enough, he has been here...left crumbs...and an apple core.

Stockings first. I could not resist these windmills (LAD's word-and I can't think of what they are really called). I could never find them this summer, they go in the garden, wind blows, they spin. But I find them in December! Whatever, I was NOT passing them by.

Vintage Rocket Racer...this got the biggest WOW! However, everything got some exclamation of surprise, even the bag of clothes!

I think he was a little disappointed it wasn't a REAL jet pack...but he was tickled none-the-less.

Battleforce 5 somethingorothertransformerthing.

This pirate sailboat wasn't from Santa and he just couldn't understand why he got this because it wasn't what he "ordered" from Santa. Not that he didn't like it, he just didn't expect it I guess.

Midgetized pirate ship towing the new pirate sail boat. The new sailboat shoots...discs...he calls them frisbees.

And later, he made Christmas soup for supper. Eat at your own risk. Contains, at least, peppermints, chopped up red licorice, chex mix, pretzels, "tree nuts" (still in the shells).

And a little mid-day sledding, both Saturday and Sunday.

Hope everyone had a warm and merry Christmas!

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Ma said...

Needs a longer hill. Maybe Colorado? Skiis? Maybe we should go there instead of Sun & Fun in Florida in April?