Wednesday, October 15, 2008

8 years? Oh My!

Has it really been 8 years?! Yikes, I think it has! 8 years ago today found us here, in the City of Silver Dollar. We had a small gathering of family and friends and filled the church as full as it could be. Here's a little history about the church.
We looked so young!





Ma said...

Happy 8th! Love you guys.

Whitehills said...

We had a fun weekend 8 years ago. You do look young but so happy. Jared was 3 years old and sleep through the wedding Jamie had a lose tooth right in the very front just barely hanging there. Thanks for including us 8 years ago. And thanks for you friendship. Jan

Cheri said...

Happy anniversary!!

Janet said...

Awwww!! What great photos! Hope you had a lovely anniversary!

Janet said...

Oops, forgot to tell you that I tagged you on my blog!