Saturday, October 4, 2008

Trip to Branson

Last weekend LAD and I traveled to Branson to meet Oma and Aunt Suzie. Of course we were greeted with a large bag of goodies for LAD. The Lightning hat being one new item. The first night, Friday, we went to Celebration City and LAD enjoyed the kiddie rides. One was an airplane ride and he said he was "going to the airport". Ok, see ya later buddie!


The next day we went to Silver Dollar City where we also rode the kiddie rides and the bigger kiddie rides. LAD was JUST tall enough to ride by himself on the smaller rides and with someone else on the bigger rides.


We went on the swings once, and he was saying "let's go higher", uh, no thanks, I'm good. Then the roller coaster ride, he was saying "let's go faster!", uh, no thanks, I'm good. It's sad that your almost 3 year old son is braver than you! He's already a speed demon! The worst part about riding the rides was WAITING, and we didn't wait very much. LAD must learn patience!!!
He also got a new pair of shoes, Lightning McQueen. And they light up too! Thanks Aunt Suzie. But if you ask LAD, it was "the man" that sized his feet and helped him pick out just the right size!


We also rode the Lost River ride, at the end of the day. It's a guarantee you're going to get wet, and we did, see lower right photo of the 3 of us. The only time LAD was scared riding anything was on the Lost River, as we were going back into the cave (building) and we dropped down a rapid, and LAD got absolutely drenched with cold water as it also went pretty dark. After about 20 seconds the water receded and we came into the light and he was fine. He could see the worker guy helping others out of boats ahead of us and he said "he will rescue us". Yes he will! LAD was absolutely drenched-from head to toe! But he loved it none-the-less!




This wooden wagon was one of the treasures from Aunt Suzie. LAD towed and stowed all his stuff in it all weekend and carried it in his lap ALL the way home, nap and all!



Ma said...

It's obvious... LAD will have to fly an open cockpit airplane. Fly? Of course, he'll FLY.

Cheri said...

Love all those pics! I had to lol at your story of LAD being more daring than you:) I hope Christopher is ready for a real roller coaster in the next year or two; DH and I love 'em!

Janet said...

What a great time you had! You have some adorable shots of LAD at the parks. I love that one in the river ride...and his quote. That is just priceless!