Friday, October 24, 2008


7 Facts

I was tagged by my friend Janet


* Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
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My facts:

1) I can't stand hand lotion on my hands, at least the finger tips. I squirt it on the back of one hand and rub them back to back. My family thinks I'm weird for this, but who wants lotiony fingerprints everywhere. I'm an artist who wears contact lenses, so there!

2) I have no idea how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

3) I don't get the humor from shows like Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, that Christine show- lady from Seinfeld, etc. I just don't get it. Now I do like Friends, Cheers and Frazier. Oh the good ole days! I can't say I like any shows on TV today, not that I watch enough to know. Randy watches 2 1/2 men and most of that humor I get and it's OK.

4) I hate a sink full of dirty dishes. The clean ones in the dish drainer don't bother me so much.

5) I rarely wear fingernail polish. I actually did wear it on my toes this summer, I had a nice pair of sandals!

6) We have a personal supplier of hand knitted slipper socks. We all wear them so much we wear holes in the bottom! Thanks Oma (Grandma Brunhilde). Pictured above are two brand new pair we just got a few weeks ago. LAD actually got two pair and I also got a new scarf too!

7) I have an uncanny knack for finding things on the ground, mostly like nails, nuts and bolts.

I'm tagging Ma, Jan, Cassie and whoever else might be reading this and hasn't already done it!


Janet said...

These are great, Fonda!
I share your dislike of lotion on my hands. I put it on the backs of my hands but never my palms. For the same reasons as you!! Temperamental artists, we are! lol
I do not know how to play that RPS game, either.
You're lucky to have an endless supply of handmade socks! Those in the picture are deluxe! :-)
Thx for doing the tag!!

Oh, I haven't had time to figure out the game on FB yet...I'm sort of game-impaired! But it looks fun!

Cheri said...

Mmmmm, I do love lotion:) But I totally agree with you on SNL. I have never really watched it, and what I did watch in college, didn't find funny. Monty Python...same deal, don't get it at all.