Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alaska in September

Randy spent September working in Yakutat, Alaska for Alsek Air as a bush pilot. I've never seen so many rainbows as at this place. Of course, not many places get as much rain as this place!
This is the airplane he flies, Cessna 206, a work horse!
Yakutat is on the inside passage, so there is mountains out one window and the ocean/gulf out the other window! It's quite a dramatic difference! A clear sunny day is a treat, usually it's raining, or about to rain, or has just quit raining!!!

Here's some random pictures from his trip. Top row, third picture is a "runway". Cat in chair=ACE=Airport Cat Extrordinaire! 4th row, first picture, 2 girls who have apparently turned SHY! Last picture, Karyoke at the Yakutat Lodge! As my friend Janet says, click on the mosaic to "bigify" it!

1. P9231204, 2. P9201194, 3. P9221201, 4. P9221202, 5. P9231203, 6. P9231205, 7. P9231207, 8. P9241222, 9. P9241230, 10. P9241234, 11. P9241238, 12. P9301243, 13. P9161191, 14. P9231214, 15. P9101187, 16. P9061178


Ma said...

Nice Alaska photos, Randy! Did you get to see Rowdy?

Janet said...

I bigified it and the pics are beautiful! Lucky Randy! Too bad you didn't have to go help him with something or another. :-) Love the Alaska kitty!

Anonymous said...

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