Friday, October 17, 2008

Design Your Life

Cathy Zielske is teaching a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking called Design Your Life. It's all about design principles and putting them into practice in scrapbooking. I have both of Cathy's books, they are great. So when I saw that she was offering a class, I couldn't pass it up. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on Design all ready, but so far it's been a nice refresher and I'm picking up new things as we go. We are just now starting on our third week of class and it runs thru December. Here are a few catch up LOs that I've worked on so far. She provides the sketch. I really like doing these, they are simple and go together quickly, once photos are chosen and sized and printed!

PreClass assignment:

Week 1, Balance (symmetry):


Week 1, Color Challenge. Inspired by this color combination of these baskets at the Dollar Store to create this.
DYL-Color challenge inspiration


Week 2, Balance (asymmetry)
The Lost Photographs. These photos were taken in January, 2008. Just a normal day, probably a Saturday or Sunday. Just snippets of our day. Sometime after this I was reformatting my computer and managed somehow to lose these original photos. However, thankfully, I had posted these to the blog, to share with family. I’m so glad I did that, otherwise they would be lost forever. I often think about these photos, frustrated with myself for losing them and they are the only ones (knock-on-wood) that I have ever lost. Digital is great, but there certainly is room for errors!!! Since then I have been even more diligent about backing up to an external hard drive!! I especially love the photos of LAD in the kitchen playing in the floor. The light was so great coming thru the south window. And the portrait of both of us in the bathroom mirror, priceless!




My friend Janet, along with 1698 other people are also taking the class! Check out Cathy's blog, she's a hoot!


Janet said...

Fonda, I love your layouts! The "Lost Photos" idea is just really draws you in and I love that quote.

Sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis. I hope everything goes smoothly for her and that she can quickly put this behind her.

Cheri said...

Design and color-wise, my favorite is The Lost Photos. That's a great picture of you and LAD in the mirror!

I read the journaling on the page about your mom, and will keep you all in my thoughts as she is figuring things out and undergoing treatment. *hugs*