Sunday, February 1, 2009

Coming to a theater near you, maybe, someday...

This past week Randy and Bill have been hired to do some movie scenes with the Beech 18. No idea who's in it, the plot or even the name for sure. Maybe Ray Liotta, woman running away for some reason, Ticket Out.

All I really know is the Beech came home to the frozen tundra from OK, they (the movie company) found a frozen lake (they ultrasounded it, measured it, blah blah blah safety-ed it), cleared the snow to make a runway, and started shooting. I think it is basically organized chaos.

But anyway, here's a few pictures Randy shot last week.

Pilot "Hollywood" Bill (on the right).

You want me to land WHERE? Yep, right there.

I wonder how long that cup of coffee stayed warm.

Lights, camera, ACTION.

I think airplanes have "good sides" and "bad sides" too, this might be the bad side. Lucky the door is on the "good side".

If only these babies could talk, the stories they could tell...

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Janet said...

Wow, Fonda! This is really exciting! Have they done this kind of thing before?