Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's go Flyin'

Sorry, not today, the batteries are ran down. Bill and Randy are in the movies! Some movie company contacted Bill to do some scenes with the Beech 18 on a frozen lake, we got lots of those. So that's what they've been doing that past few days. On Friday they had to start and stop the airplane so much the batteries ran down, so we went and fetched them and brought them home to charge.
LAD saw the hangar door open and so we had to go check it out!

LAD of course wanted to get in. And drive it. And touch Everything. I heard Randy say "no don't touch that", "no, don't touch that either", GASP "NO, especially don't touch that one".
I think he was reaching for that little orange one you see in the photo, down towards the bottom, the one that looks like a WHEEL.
So he had to settle for the yolk, boring!

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