Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday (i think) in MI

Today we traveled to Bad Axe, the "hub of the Thumb". Sounds rough and tumble doesn't it!? I have the feeling it could be, but today it was...pleasant, for winter in MI. I'd say it was a pretty normal day. We left Lansing in drizzling rain at about 35 degrees and headed north. Bad Axe is located in the "thumb" part of MI, near the top part.

So the farther north we got, the cooler it got and the bigger the snowflakes became! Roads were a little slushy, but just normal winter weather driving, reminds me of IA! Today we got Missouri's yesterday gray day.

Doesn't this photo look like i applied some dreamy fancy filter? Nope, just a wet car window!

This was later in the day, after we were finished and heading back south. It was actually looking kind of green out, I think this may be wheat starting to show some color!

Maybe tomorrow I can actually get a photo during our meeting. Really exciting stuff I tell ya!
Wonder what I'm teaching? See here and here, if you care! Lots of talk about dairy cows and computers and PCDART.
YeeHaw, we're heading south tomorrow!
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Ma said...

Bad Axe... didn't see a town... just a lonely tractor... just like IA, eh? I saw some sorta-green grass today, stubborn stuff waiting for spring. Another gray day in Mo, but not as gray as yesterday. Just windy and cold. blah

Anonymous said...

Dude! You went through my old teaching grounds. Used to have ball games against Bad Axe.

Janet said...

You're having quite an excursion, Fonda! The pictures are great. I can feel the cold and dampness!

Cheri said...

I love the dreamy car window "filter" effect! :) Who woulda thought, lol. I'll have to try that one sometime.