Sunday, February 8, 2009

Project 365, 2009

This project initially started here. Since I really have no trouble taking a picture a day, I thought what the heck, might as well do this again. I sort of did it last year, but never formally organized it into anything tangent.
This year, Creating Keepsakes offered a Kit of the Month designed by Becky Higgins. Of course it was an instant success and sold out very quickly. I was lucky enough to get this kit and here's how it's going so far...

On Friday, Memory Bound had an all day crop, so this was my project for the day. I got all my photos printed for the month of January and gathered my notes and went to work.

As I was working thru the pages, I decided if I would journal on my blocks daily as I record my notes, It might go together faster.

And if I would slip in all the "week of" cards, that would help too.

I like how it's turning out and this project could easily be done without the special page protectors the kit provided. You could use the 12x12 3 up, 6 slot page protectors that are offered by a couple different manufacturers. Becky also has a digital download of the journaling cards at her blog here, go to the January 2009 archives and scroll down to about January 10. She also has a post of alternative ways to do the 365 project if you didn't get a kit.

And here's a snapshot of many of our January 2009 photos.

Now on to February! Can you believe it!?!

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