Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day Out With Thomas

Last Friday, LAD and his friend Evan, (from MI, they just happened to be visiting at the right time, so we got tickets for all of us-Susan and her ma Vicki) got to meet their great famous friend Thomas.

Visiting Iowa all the way from the Island of Sodor (should have known there's be a Wiki entry for this!!!), Thomas took us on a short 25 minute ride on the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad. We had a very fun time and they had plenty of pre-train ride activities--coloring, watching battery operated trains, seeing Sir Topham Hat, bounce house and a very elaborate Gift Shop! (imagine that!) LAD came home with a Thomas hat, book (thinking Birthday/Christmas) and Thomas toothbrush (anything to make the chore easier!) I think they had every possible Thomas item known to child.

Here's Susan and Evan with his Jr. Engineer Certificate.

I cannot imagine how many batteries they went thru to keep these going all day.

This was the train car we rode in. I think LAD was about to give G'ma Vicki a heart attack each time he leaned out the window. Me too, but I sat on his feet (just kidding, sort of). Once we got moving he was much better at sitting, sort of!

And the obligatory photo in front of Thomas! The Thomas company was of course taking photos you could buy, but mine were just as good!

LAD and Evan with their fancy new hats on. They were very sweet and had a blast!

Then we got pizza and ate it in the back yard and the boys played on the new playground!!

And, most amazing of all, I already scrapped these photos! Inspired by Ali Edward's Weekend Creative, I created these. it was very easy and simple. Took most time to resize the photos. I need one of those giga 2 1/2 punches!!! Supplies: Random golden color cardstock, likely Bazzill, Thomas papers and chipboard by SandyLion, ephemera from the day, black pen.


Janet said...

Fonda, what a great day you guys had! I've been on the Boone railroad but not the Thomas ride. It's really fun but kinda scary going over that big bridge, I think!

Love the Ali-inspired LO! And yes, you need one of those punches! :-)

Ma said...

What's a giga punch?
Fonda, did your farm-kid childhood leave you deprived? I think you have more fun than LAD & Evan!

Cheri said...

Looks like a fun time! We took the kids Friday evening just for the non-riding activities:) They went through the bouncy train about 450 times in a row, lol.