Sunday, September 14, 2008

To the Zoo

This was last Saturday. It was a mild day with some overcast. Surprisingly, the animals were very active! I think LAD loved the fish tanks and the trains the best!!! He walked the entire way around but started dragging just past half way, after playing on the playground! But he did it and we saw it all (basically!). And the rocks were the best in the gift shop. And look at all those PINK ones!! You could buy a tiny little bag for $6.00, but we passed and just played with them!
To the Zoo, Sept 2008DSC_8157DSC_8187DSC_8197DSC_8211DSC_8230DSC_8244DSC_8257DSC_8260



Ma said...

Ames or Des Moines? Great zoo! Good thing G'pa Airplane wasn't there, or LAD might own the whole rock collection for his playground!

Cheri said...

Awesome pictures!
$6 sounds like a rip-off, though we have gladly paid $3/tiny bag at the Science Center and at the museum in St. Paul:)

Janet said...

Fonda, you got some amazing shots at the zoo! Love the angles...the train and especially the one of LAD looking up into the fish tank. Those rocks look awesome! I would have played with them, too!