Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Three Lloyds

This was last Friday night. The daycare had a "back to school" potluck. There was a huge turn out and LAD got to play with some of his friends. As you can see they held it at a park, with a very nice playgound set with swings, etc. LAD is a climber and zipped right up the climbing wall that it had, then zoomed down the slide. He could hardly stay away from all of it long enough to eat, but managed a few bites. Then he took Grandpa Airplane back to swing for a while. It finally started to get dark when we left, LAD reluctantly or course. The group picture, he was mad he couldn't go back and play more. Notice he has no shoes, they were shucked at some point during playing in the pea gravel! Grandpa Airplane is looking more Santa'ish this year. His beard is whiter, and it looks like he trimmed it up some, maybe just for the potluck? He went back to MO the next morning, and we went to Minn to send Randy off to AK on Sunday. LAD keeps asking where's "Daddy and G'pa Airplane?" Too hard for a almost-3-year-old to understand!

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Janet said...

Super pics! Love the one with Lad and grandpa walking away. :-)