Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Food

The garden is finally overflowing of tomatoes, the cherries and the big ones. The bell peppers have finally decided to make now. They are loaded. The jalapenos have gone gang busters all summer, like normal. I think they could grow in a total drought. There were 3 acorn squash that were close to ready, I thought I better get them picked, before the squash bugs eat them up. One was very tiny, no larger than a baseball, but it was dark green. It was so cute! I've never had one so small!!!
LAD was very helpful picking tomatoes, he loves to pick the cherry ones. Then he moved on to the jaleps.
And we had 3 new strawberries tonight. Two were a nice size, the third was a micro sized one, slightly larger than a good sized pea! But it was red and ripe and later when I put the three pitiful things on a plate after supper, LAD wanted to share, so I ate the micro one. It was actually very sweet (the boy and the berry). And he promptly gobbled the other two, apparently they were very good. He also licked the juice from the plate. Apparently not enough for him either!!!


Cheri said...

Lovely! How on earth do you keep the birds from eating your garden, or do only I have that problem? I have tried to be organic for a few years, but have never been successful with tomatoes or jalpenos or bell peppers. If you use "stuff" on your garden or have any other secrets, fill me in, pretty please:)

Oh...basil loves me...and we LOVE pesto! At least I can grow and harvest SOMETHING.

Janet said...

What a harvest! And I thought you were only a "tiny fruit and veggie" grower! You've grown some beautiful produce!