Friday, September 19, 2008

One, Two and Oh No Three is almost here!!!

For Book Club at Memory Bound last month, these were the pages I made for class. The patterned paper was two sided (Scenic Route, maybe), so I actually ended up with two layouts that really don't look at all alike. These papers looked very festive and also had some candles on them. You can see 1 on the One page and 2 on the Two page! I hadn't scrapped any of LAD's birthday pictures, so thought they were worthy candidates. The words one and two were made from sticker letters that were sticky on both sides, then I attached micro beads, because I had them and the colors were right. Then i covered them with a dimensional glaze to make sure they stayed stuck. Dimensional glaze is a clear, thick, glue type stuff that dries clear and, well, dimensional!

The sketches I used were from the book we were using this session called Page Maps. It's been a great book and has "cards" that you can punch out from the back of the book and they contain all the sketches used. So when you have a pile of pics you want to scrap you can flip thru the cards and pick a sketch that works.

OMG, I can't believe LAD will be THREE in December. Where has the time

Here's a couple pictures from class. LAD has gone to book club several times with me. We always take the DVD player and he watches a movie and flirts with the girls. At some point in the evening we always have to visit the PAINT section. LAD loves all the colors!!!


Ma said...

I like this better than the cooking scrapbook. Neat stuff.

Cheri said...

Love your Lad layouts! I am truly amazed that he will sit in public during a class. Michael can do that at home, but in a new place, he is ALL OVER the place! (And probably destroying things in a SB store).
Christopher was always ok in MB; never disturbed the paper, etc.

Janet said...

Your pages were great, as always! I love the micro-beads, and remember you get bonus point for using them! lol I didn't see Lad checking out the cute!